Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Round Top Antiques Market

Twice a year, the small town of Round Top, TX hosts a HUGE antiques market.  The show started over 40 years ago at a barn and now has grown to one of the largest shows in the US. People come from all over to both sell and buy furniture, antiques, lighting, bedding, accessories, and eat some amazing kettle corn. 

Ever since I've moved to Texas, I have been told that going to Round Top is a MUST do.  Finally, at the last minute, I decided to grab a friend and drive the short two hours to get my antiqueing on!

There are several permanent shops in a 20 mile radius around the town of Round Top.  But hundreds of temporary vendors make their way and set up tents out in the middle of the neighboring fields. You drive up to a collection of tents, park, walk around, buy stuff, then load your car and drive to the next set of tents. 

Here are some of the cool things I found....
A furniture maker was taking old alcohol transport boxes and turning them into side tables.

This large tent smelled so fresh when you walked in; their lavender spray made me want to curl up in one of their amazing beds. 

I almost bought this guy - but decided I couldn't hole him in storage for months or possibly years until I can find space for him.

Cute house converted into a store.

Hand painted side table.

I almost got this too! It's an upholstered chair made from an old wine barrel from the 1960s! There was a coordinating coffee table and sofa to go with it :)

The market is every spring and fall... it might become a regular thing on my to do list!


  1. When we lived in Bartlesville people would talk about going to this show all the time. I don't think you should have passed on the buffet - that is one beautiful piece of furniture. The barrel chair - not so much. HaHa - just differencs in likes. I would love to be able to go with you something but we might have to borrow Greg's big truck!

  2. OMG!!!! It's like heaven :) I absolutely love the Side tables and Barrel Chair!! Maybe I need to come visit for this too.
    Miss you!!