Thursday, April 25, 2013

DYI Gone Right

Ever look at something that truly inspires you to make something? Then turns out that you never try, or if you do it turns out horribly wrong (this happens to me a lot)

Well this is NOT one of those times.

A friend of mine parents are giving their home a facelift and wanted a new lighting fixture. Inspired by the lighting fixtures of Michael Mchale ( The fixture was made out of metal industrial pipes and had glass crystals hanging off of them. 

After a trip to Lowe's, and a search for some glass crystals this was the end result and it looks great!
Light Fixture
Light Fixture
Light Fixture

 - Erin

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  1. WOW Honey - You made this yourself? I really think you and Greg should pitch HGTV a US version of Love It or List It. You guys would be great! Can't wait to see you on Tuesday - don't forget me...