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That's what this page is for: there are so many places to go see, things to do, people to meet!  So this page is going to be a small ode to the fun things I'm going to get myself into. It can be something as simple as visiting a new store (shopping definitely qualifies as an excursion), or it can be a big trip and highlights of my adventures. What ever 'it' may be, it's going to be an adventure and you're going to know about it!


Sky High - The Trampoline Place

Houston, TX
Working on our ninja fighting skills!

My brother and I visited Sky High on his last trip to Houston; with several different "trampoline courts" we had no problem occupying ourselves for over an hour.  The largest court has more trampolines than I've ever's amazing! And exhausting!  After bouncing back and forth and wearing out our legs, Travis and I headed over to the foam pits to test out our acrobatics.  It's been awhile since either of us has been on a trampoline, but we managed to do some full and double flips and even a few front double flips!

Travis's front double tuck!

What we didn't try was the "Dodgeball" court. No worries... I'll just have to go back!

There's a special court for little munchkins and even a private court if you want to throw a part at this place.

Where is this place?
10510 Westview Dr.
Houston, TX 77043

Click here to check out Sky High's Website!


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