Saturday, November 30, 2013

What Does the Fox Say?

If you haven't seen the video by now.... please watch the video below.  "What Does the Fox Say?" has become one of the hottest viral videos of this year and has actually spurred products in the interior design and fashion world!  Move aside peacock and owl, the fox is coming and I have a feeling will be around for awhile!

I am not going to apologize for that song being stuck in your head for days now.... 
You can read more about the Comedy duo Ylvis here.....

A colleague of mine, Amber, found this adorable Christmas plate with a fox jumping over a bit of fir tree :)

A fellow designer, Cindy, sent me a photo of this little pillow being sold at a local store.  Apparently, I am developing a reputation because a photo of every found fox item gets sent to my phone!

Hickory White, a wonderful furniture company, introduced two tables into their collection this fall Market, a console and side table with a distinct fox head carved front and center into the skirt.  I am not even a little bit adverse to saying that I would love one of these tables in my home!

The tables come in two different finishes; a more gray-tone white-wash finish shown two photos above and this more honey tone shown on the side table. 

The day after my brother introduced me to the song, I walked into Macy's and saw this..... You can purchase it here if you want to :)


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful For.....

There's an awful lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  2013 has been a exciting year full of blessings, wonderful memories, and amazing opportunities.  Not to mention some fabulous travel, warm love from friends and family, and excitement for the cooler weather and happy holidays fast approaching. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Monday, November 25, 2013

High Point Market Highlights: Chairs!

With Christmas just around the corner, life has been running full speed with work, parties, family in town, and a few little projects of my own.  I will try as best I can to keep up the blog during the holidays but I can't make any promises :)  

I will, however, share some of my favorite finds from High Point Market from October.  There is never any shortage of inspiration at High Point and over 1300 photos later, I think I have plenty to share!  Some blogs, I'll cover styling or how showrooms put their vignettes together including amazing color combinations, mixing of styles, and current trends.  

Other blogs, like this one, I'll highlight specific products I found to be beautiful and unique. Chairs are fairly important to interiors and we'd be hard-pressed to find a space that didn't have one.  While they are one of the most common elements in an interior space, they also have a wide variety of functions: Am I going to relax and read in this chair? am I going to be doing my makeup? paying bills? eating dinner? etc. 

So, here are some of my favorite chairs and links to where you can find them.  As always, every item can be purchased through By Design Interiors... so happy designing!
Hickory White, as always, had a beautiful showroom and two of my favorite chairs from Market. This one above is an Exposed Wood Chair with a beautiful design on the sides.  This chair was shown in several different upholstery options on the showroom floor and it completely changed looks depending on what it was upholstered in: very masculine and linear in leather, and softer in a fabric. 

This Pull-Up Chair from Hickory White was awesome! and surprisingly comfortable.  It could look more traditional upholstered in a linen-like material or more contemporary in a bright funky leather.

Palecek's use of natural materials is always breathtaking. This wood and rattan chair always catches my eye. 

I love the simplicity of this farmhouse dining chair by Furniture Classics.  Great for growing families where sticky fingers might ruin an upholstered seat.  This chair is made from recycled wood and comes in a couple different colors.

Hands-down.... the Eames Lounger is a classic and personal favorite.  My grandparents have a second edition in their living room that makes me smile every time I see it (and them :)  Dovetail has this great little knock-off in a dark cherry leather.

Regina Andrew is one of my favorite stops on my Market tour; their items are funky and unique and can add that touch of unexpected to any space. 

Please visit Bernhardt's website to see this chair upholstered in another fabulous colored leather!  This awesome little guy has so many possibilities. He can live in an entry, side by side with his counterpart, or in a cozy little library. 

I've kept a lot of the fru-fru out of this list, but I have to include at least one that will make you go, 'awww!'  This cute little Kensington Chair from Currey and Company is dainty and beautiful.

And the chair that wins most creative upholstery goes to Hickory Chair's Chippendale Dining Chair.  The upholstery workers picked up a bunch of scrap fabrics from previous projects and sewed them together to create those beautiful stripes!  

Monday, November 11, 2013

Beautiful Barn Wedding

I think by now, I would have some serious luck as a wedding consultant. After attending 8 weddings both last year and this year, I have seen and experiences so much. 

Recently, a very good friend of mine from college, Meghan, celebrated the most beautiful wedding with her soulmate, Kyle. Their wedding was so incredibly meaningful but also fun, touching but also lighthearted, full of love and laughter, tears of joy, tears from the heart. 

Being the oldest of five in a farm family and marrying a outdoorsman himself, the bride and groom picked the perfect setting for their big day at a ranch in small town Michigan. 

Kyle and Meghan celebrates their big day surrounded by their closest friends and family members and the warmth and adoration everyone had for these twowas  apparent throughout the night.

The setting for the ceremony was picturesque against the cornfield and changing leaves. 

Meghan looked absolutely beautiful; there wasn't a dry eye in the audience as her father walked get down the aisle! Meghan and Kyle wrote their own vows which were so kind, honest, funny, and straight from the heart. The pastor kept things lighthearted which small jokes here and there as everyone wiped their eyes. Whenever someone told Meghan they had cried, she replied with "Good! That means that it many something real."

One of my favorite parts to any wedding was the fact that they served Michigan pies instead of a traditional wedding cake  or cupcakes :) The mixed berry pie was lip-smacking good!!

Outside the reception, this table was lined with photos of all of Meghan and Kyle's relatives wedding photos- both of them have a set of living grandparents that have been married for 50+ years!

Meghan and I were teammates, roommates, and close friends at Wayne State. Here, her and I and our coach, Kelly, catch up! Like myself, Meghan moved out of Michigan to pursue a career and lucky for her, found a great guy in her gamble :)

Wayne State's head swim coach, Sean Peters, Kyle, Meghan, myself, Kelly- the Wayne State crew plus a new honorary member :)

Classic 'Wayno!'

"This is where our story begins'

So excited and happy for both Kyle and Meghan. Their love got each other was so apparent throughout the evening... So excited to watch them grow together.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Townhouse Project Unveiling!!!

Back in October, I met with a potential client named Robin.  She was incredibly kind and kicking the crap out of cancer! Her and her husband had bought a townhome and needed some new furniture.  While going through Robin's inspiration images, my heart nearly stopped.... "Robin! I have been waiting for a client like you my entire life!" I finally blurted out.

Here are some images of Robin's new townhome!

Formal Dining Room
Hickory Chair table with custom host and hostess chairs made here in Houston.  The Drexel Heritage side chairs are upholstered in a striped fabric that ties in all the colors from Robin's husband's beautiful artwork.
Stationary drapery panels are trimmed in the same fabric as the side chairs and help open with Swarofski crystal encrusted tiebacks from Robert Allen
Living Room
You can find Robin and her husband enjoying their breakfast at this seating vignette almost every morning... which I've the joy of witnessing myself! The table was an antique Robin found with custom upholstered chairs in the prettiest blue fabric.  A floral crewel fabric frames their beautiful view.
Powder Bath
Powder baths are my favorite places to add some spunk. After painting the walls a celery green, this room became bright and cheerful. 
Guest Room
Over 15 years ago, Robin had purchased some fabric with intentions of making some custom curtains and bedding.  Making her dream a reality, we adorned her guest room with her favorite fabrics. 
Guest Room Bed
Now, her master bedroom is a sight to see... but you'll have to wait until it's photographed :)  Hint: it's a room fit for a princess!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

High Point Market: Rug Finds

High Point Market was just a couple of weeks ago and as always, inspiration and beautiful things all around. 

Here's a small collection of some of my favorite rugs....

Geometrically are in!! This Surya rug was an amazing combination of a blue-gray, cream, brown, and black. Perfect for a transitional space finding a balance between beige and gray. 

This Surya rug might find its way intoy place....

While wandering through the Suites at Market Square, I stumbled upon this company that makes some of the best looking patchwork hair-on-hide rugs o have ever seen! Of course the have your normal browns and blacks.... But them they this this crazy cool assortment if colorfully dyed rugs in fantastic patterns! 

Yes... All of these are made from hair-on-hides!!  Check out Madison's Hide Rugs here!

Here's a classic beauty :)

My heart gushed when I saw this Kalaty rug on their showroom floor! Stunning colors, beautiful pattern! 

After I peeled myself away from the first rug, my jaw absolutely dropped when I saw this one! My photo doesn't do it justice, the dark ground color is a deep navy blue which is offset with the Rick gold and bright cream!  I need to find a home for this!!

Oh! Kalaty perfection! 

More High Point Market finds to come!!

Know of a home for any of the rugs above?? Send me a message....