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Erika Barczak
You will almost always see me smiling. It's true! I love to smile, laugh and somehow inject sunshine into every situation. While I'm learning to pull back the reigns a little bit, I have a passionate tendency to dive headfirst into everything whether it be a small craft, a delicious meal, a great magazine, or a funky new design project. 

After my first interior design class at Wayne State University, I was addicted! I have since developed a lifestyle of being completely submerged in design. I eat, drink, and dream design. I can't walk down a street, watch a movie, or visit the gemstone exhibit at a museum without looking for inspiration for my next project. 

After graduating from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan with a bachelor of Fine Art: Interior Design,  I packed up all I could into a U-Haul and drove myself down to Texas to start this fabulous new career. Texas has been better than amazing to me and I'm taking in all that this part of my life has to offer. 

As an Interior Designer at By Design Interiors, Inc. I have an amazing center of inspiration and growth with my design. Peggy Fuller, Owner and Founder of By Design, has created an atmosphere that allows individual designers to thrive and inspire each other to create not only functional, but gorgeous and unique spaces. 

My design approach reflects my lifestyle: Fun and energetic. I encourage my clients to have a hands-on approach to their designs and interject their spaces with as much of their personality as possible. My mentor, Cindy Aplanalp, ingrained in me that "it's not about me;" I should leave each project and no one should ever know I was there.

Adventure has certainly bitten me as well and I love to travel and explore new things and places. Now it's time to share these crazy adventures, my love of design, and whatever other quirks come my way! 

I hope you enjoy!


By Design Interiors, Inc.

By Design Interiors Inc. was founded in 1990, and with expertise in both residential locations and commercial has become one of Houston's premier full-service design firms that maintains a reputation for integrity and impeccable service. Our goal is to "make your world more beautiful, By Design!"

Our designers understand the importance of staying at the forefront of the interior design and remodel industry, keeping current with the latest standards and technology, as it is constantly changing.  

Click here to check out By Design Interiors' website!

And click here to read "The Studio," By Design's blog!


Erin Rose 
Hey everyone!
So most of you reading this will wonder who is the random person writing on this blog? Well my name is Erin Rose and I am Erika’s new assistant. And by new I mean I graduated from college about a month ago. So this is my first big kid job.

A little bit about me. I hate writing about myself, it’s just kind of awkward, but I grew up in the Houston area (Go Astro’s)! I was a band geek in high school, mainly because it was that or drill team and I am not the most graceful. I ended up going to Stephen F. Austin State University for college. And our mascot was a Lumberjack, just thought I would mention that. I majored in Music Ed for a while but then I realized that kids kind of scare me, so what was I thinking teaching 60 of them at one time! So I switched to Interior Design. Random I know, but I love it.

Me - Erin Rose


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