Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm Back.... and totally ready for 2014!

I'm Back!

Was I the only one who noticed that there was one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2013?!?!? I hope not!  That missing week sent me in a fury to pick out gifts, organize travel, and wrap up any jobs before the Christmas holiday.  So.... I took a blogging break to focus on some priorities. And well, relax for a change.

But, it's already February of 2014.... time to get back to it!  I have this feeling that 2014 is going to be a fabulous year full of fun, challenges, new adventures, and lots of laughs!

Something new I've started this year is an Instagram account; it's a fun way to share photos of some of my recent work, random happenings, or great memories with family and friends. You can click here to check out my Instagram account Decrospective and also enjoy some of my favorite photos below.....

Bathroom detail of a recent remodel project. 

Evan and I at Casino night at Interceramic

Kitchen finished just in time for Christmas

My adorable niece and I!

Custom floor screen.... done!

Such a fun floral arrangement for a breakfast room

Midnight floral arrangements!

Muddy boots at a muddy jobsite 

Roomie Love!

Space planning - making sure everything is going to fit before we order :)

Master bathroom heaven!

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