Monday, November 25, 2013

High Point Market Highlights: Chairs!

With Christmas just around the corner, life has been running full speed with work, parties, family in town, and a few little projects of my own.  I will try as best I can to keep up the blog during the holidays but I can't make any promises :)  

I will, however, share some of my favorite finds from High Point Market from October.  There is never any shortage of inspiration at High Point and over 1300 photos later, I think I have plenty to share!  Some blogs, I'll cover styling or how showrooms put their vignettes together including amazing color combinations, mixing of styles, and current trends.  

Other blogs, like this one, I'll highlight specific products I found to be beautiful and unique. Chairs are fairly important to interiors and we'd be hard-pressed to find a space that didn't have one.  While they are one of the most common elements in an interior space, they also have a wide variety of functions: Am I going to relax and read in this chair? am I going to be doing my makeup? paying bills? eating dinner? etc. 

So, here are some of my favorite chairs and links to where you can find them.  As always, every item can be purchased through By Design Interiors... so happy designing!
Hickory White, as always, had a beautiful showroom and two of my favorite chairs from Market. This one above is an Exposed Wood Chair with a beautiful design on the sides.  This chair was shown in several different upholstery options on the showroom floor and it completely changed looks depending on what it was upholstered in: very masculine and linear in leather, and softer in a fabric. 

This Pull-Up Chair from Hickory White was awesome! and surprisingly comfortable.  It could look more traditional upholstered in a linen-like material or more contemporary in a bright funky leather.

Palecek's use of natural materials is always breathtaking. This wood and rattan chair always catches my eye. 

I love the simplicity of this farmhouse dining chair by Furniture Classics.  Great for growing families where sticky fingers might ruin an upholstered seat.  This chair is made from recycled wood and comes in a couple different colors.

Hands-down.... the Eames Lounger is a classic and personal favorite.  My grandparents have a second edition in their living room that makes me smile every time I see it (and them :)  Dovetail has this great little knock-off in a dark cherry leather.

Regina Andrew is one of my favorite stops on my Market tour; their items are funky and unique and can add that touch of unexpected to any space. 

Please visit Bernhardt's website to see this chair upholstered in another fabulous colored leather!  This awesome little guy has so many possibilities. He can live in an entry, side by side with his counterpart, or in a cozy little library. 

I've kept a lot of the fru-fru out of this list, but I have to include at least one that will make you go, 'awww!'  This cute little Kensington Chair from Currey and Company is dainty and beautiful.

And the chair that wins most creative upholstery goes to Hickory Chair's Chippendale Dining Chair.  The upholstery workers picked up a bunch of scrap fabrics from previous projects and sewed them together to create those beautiful stripes!  

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