Monday, November 11, 2013

Beautiful Barn Wedding

I think by now, I would have some serious luck as a wedding consultant. After attending 8 weddings both last year and this year, I have seen and experiences so much. 

Recently, a very good friend of mine from college, Meghan, celebrated the most beautiful wedding with her soulmate, Kyle. Their wedding was so incredibly meaningful but also fun, touching but also lighthearted, full of love and laughter, tears of joy, tears from the heart. 

Being the oldest of five in a farm family and marrying a outdoorsman himself, the bride and groom picked the perfect setting for their big day at a ranch in small town Michigan. 

Kyle and Meghan celebrates their big day surrounded by their closest friends and family members and the warmth and adoration everyone had for these twowas  apparent throughout the night.

The setting for the ceremony was picturesque against the cornfield and changing leaves. 

Meghan looked absolutely beautiful; there wasn't a dry eye in the audience as her father walked get down the aisle! Meghan and Kyle wrote their own vows which were so kind, honest, funny, and straight from the heart. The pastor kept things lighthearted which small jokes here and there as everyone wiped their eyes. Whenever someone told Meghan they had cried, she replied with "Good! That means that it many something real."

One of my favorite parts to any wedding was the fact that they served Michigan pies instead of a traditional wedding cake  or cupcakes :) The mixed berry pie was lip-smacking good!!

Outside the reception, this table was lined with photos of all of Meghan and Kyle's relatives wedding photos- both of them have a set of living grandparents that have been married for 50+ years!

Meghan and I were teammates, roommates, and close friends at Wayne State. Here, her and I and our coach, Kelly, catch up! Like myself, Meghan moved out of Michigan to pursue a career and lucky for her, found a great guy in her gamble :)

Wayne State's head swim coach, Sean Peters, Kyle, Meghan, myself, Kelly- the Wayne State crew plus a new honorary member :)

Classic 'Wayno!'

"This is where our story begins'

So excited and happy for both Kyle and Meghan. Their love got each other was so apparent throughout the evening... So excited to watch them grow together.

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