Sunday, April 7, 2013

Interior Design.... It's a Dangerous job!

Being an interior designer is no walk in the park!  We have to be able to carry heavy pieces of furniture, backwards, wearing high heels, up two flights of stairs, and look fabulous while doing it!

I'm actually surprised it took this long for me to receive my first major 'interior design' injury.  While packing my car one evening and preparing for meetings I had the following day, one of my bags full of tile fell over and a piece of tile broke in half. 

To protect myself, I decided I should remove the jagged edged tile from the bag.  Turns out, that was my mistake.  The tile was stuck to another tile via a sticky label and my hand slipped.... and I gasped. 

I know had a pretty big gash on the side of my thumb.
After a few whispered swear words and retrieving some paper towel to mop up the blood, I headed to my boss's office.  

"Peggy, I need a mom!" I squealed to her.  "I cut myself, can you take a look and tell me if you think I need stitches?"  She took one small look at my thumb, grabbed her keys and purse, looked up at me kindly and said, "I'll drive you!"

Luckily there was an urgent care just down the street, and 50 minutes later I had filled out my paperwork (thanks to Peggy), gotten stitched up, paid, and was back at my office.

It's more of an inconvenience than painful.... but also probably a reminder to slow down a bit :)

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  1. OH!! You poor thing!! You meant it when you keep up appearances at all even got a pretty pink bandage. I hope you heal up fast!