Saturday, April 13, 2013

Professional Cat Photo-Bombers

Recently, a project of mine was professionally photographed.  Having a space photographed takes a lot of planning and staging.  Professionally photographed spaces are not spaces that people actually 'live in.' They've been cleaned and de-cluttered.  

The house looked amazing with it's rich colors and materials!  The clients' son is away at college and their only live-ins are their three cats.  These guys loved 'helping' us during the photo shoot.....

"Oh yeah! We can help you with the photography equipment!"

"I think the lenses are in here!"

"That ottoman is just not enough for this space.... ugh, I guess I help!" 

"Look how excellent I look next to the flowers and veggie bowl.  I am the perfect accessory!"

"Outta my way! I want to be next to the veggie bowl!"

Special thanks to Kathleen Ryan for the amazing photography job!  Keep checking in to see her work!

And of course, great thanks to Brandon Lynch at Keechi Creek Builders for building such a beautiful home!


  1. Cats aren't usually that inquisitive, I'm surprised they were so interested in what you were doing. The spaces were beautiful even without the three fury friends. Keep up the awesomely great work!

  2. Bahahaha I love it!! Cats are sooo weird but very pretty and I agree, great home accessories lol