Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Mounted Shooters Home

I have been really blessed to have had some really amazing people to work with here in Houston.  Some engineers, some teachers, marketing directors, etc.  But not many people can say they have worked with a cowgirl!

 She is incredibly friendly, down-to-earth, and a joy to work with.  She has survived cancer five times and is a leader in a rodeo sport called "Mounted Shooting."  It's a newer event that is really exciting to watch; it hasn't been highlighted in the Houston Rodeo's main arena, but I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a very popular event soon!

Mounted shooting in a nutshell:  There are 5 blue balloons and 5 red balloons mounted on spikes and set to create a specific pattern (there are multiple patterns that change with each competition).  The rider has 10 shots only and is judged on time.  Each missed balloon = 5 seconds added to your time.  A dropped gun also adds 5 seconds to your time.  

This march, she competed in the Houston Rodeo.  So my sister and her kiddos, my assistant and myself packed up the car to go watch.  The event was really exciting (and fun to watch once you got used to the noise).  I think the kids' favorite parts was the popcorn and of course the tractor that would come around every 15 minutes to clean the dirt.

My sister and I didn't even think about how loud it would be.  We walked in just in time to watch someone do their run and when we heard the first gun shot... all of us jumped out of our shoes!

Mounted Shooting
Reliant Arena

Here's my client's second run!

After the competition, I went to say 'hi' to my client's husband.  He was so thrilled that we were there that he got all of us access to the practice arena and horse pens.  We got to feed and pet the horses and see some of the cowboys up close!

The construction on her home remodel/addition just finished up. Check out this picture of her and her husband's awesome western style powder bathroom.

Powder Bath


  1. Did you design that bathroom? I swear I've seen it on Pinterest. It is so cool!
    Love ya,

  2. Really cool stuff! Congrats! love it!