Monday, April 22, 2013

Dinosaur Bones: Part 2

Oye! We're back to continue our excavation of some prehistoric dinosaur bones found in Texas!

After a brief hiatus to gather supplies and smooze government officials for funding, it was time to get back to the dig site and unearth this beast!
Of course, our safety glasses are on!  Brenner the Excavator educates his team to the dangers of digging at such an old archaeological site.

Oh my goodness! A celebrity has shown up to catch a glimpse of this amazing work.  The famous onlooker trying to avoid the paparazzi! 

It's amazing to see how the great quality these bones are in. But the earth is proving to be hard and difficult to break through. 

Brenner decides to try the 2-person method of breaking the earth. 

The government sends an official to the site to examine the work. Brenner the Excavator is so excited; his work is being considered for the National Museum of AMW Artifacts.  The official decides to send a film crew to document some of the work!

Brenner the Excavator does an amazing job educating the official.

Close examination reveals this may be bones of a Stegosaurus! Brenner's team is thrilled with the news!

"The giant beast must have scared his predators like this... rawr!" hypothosized Brenner the Excavator.

Shortly after this footage was taken, Brenner the Excavator and his crew finished the digging and put together the skeletons of their find to create a stegosaurus!  You can find the bones often on display at the Natural Museum of AMW Artifacts! 


  1. I'm so glad you're there to document these seemingly simple events. But they mean the world to those of us who aren't there to enjoy.