Monday, April 1, 2013

Perfect Paint Colors - Tips from the Pro's

I have said it before on this blog and I will say it again...Picking the Perfect paint can be stinking hard. I mean sometimes the you walk in a room and think 'Wow my eyes are going to burn out because that paint color is SO bright.' Like the time my dad painted the bathroom "Green Apple". One awesome fight with Mom and several gallons of Kilz later, the bathroom was white again.

But it doesn't have to be hard. I have gathered some tips and tricks from the experts at By Design to help you pick the perfect paint color.

"1.  Hire a pro!!!
2.  Choose colors that you look good in. (You should always feel your best in your own home)." -Amber Reddoch

"I love to take color inspiration from favorite pieces in the room: artwork, rug, fabric, pattern, accessory.  After selecting your favorite color, get a big sample and look at it in the room."
- Jamie Jones

"Do something fun and bright in your laundry room; adding a spunky color makes laundry less of a daunting task :) Try a rich pink, bright apple green, or blue. And definitely don't forget about the ceiling - different colors or wall papers can add another fun element." - Erika Barczak

"If you love it, who cares if its not the "IT" color of the moment. It's your home. If you're happy with it, that is all the matters." - Erin Rose

"You should always look at a color in the space it is going to be. Color's can look so different in your home than they do in the store. Always get a liquid sample and look at it on your walls."
 - Megan Arrendondo

I hope these tips and trick help you with your next amazing project.

 - Erin

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