Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter 2013

I think deep down inside, Easter is my favorite holiday.  Besides the amazing miracle it celebrates, it is the holiday I prepare the least for but the one that I have the most memories of.  Like flying kites in Eureka Springs, mom sending us our favorite candy while at college, eating Grandma B's yummy Polish cuisine, taking my nephew to his first Easter Egg hunt, all of these memories bring such joy to my heart!

I'm lucky to be able to celebrate Easter with my niece and nephew who's excitement is infectious!

This year, the Easter bunny brought them both their own umbrellas....

Using the umbrella as his Easter basket!

I love how the kids can't wait to see what is inside each and every egg.  The hunt took many breaks so we could discover the goodies!

Practicing for the beach!

Protecting mommy from the indoor rain!

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