Monday, April 8, 2013

Really Big Challenges

Not every job begins with a clean slate, an empty space with nothing to it.  In fact, 90% of jobs require a designer to incorporate existing furniture, accessories, or styles.  Sometimes it can be super easy to do.... other times, not so much.

I have been working on a couple of clubhouses which are perfect examples of such a challenge.  The owners were ready to update the grand rooms in the community clubhouses; the furniture was beautiful, but it was worn from over ten years of use.  Doesn't seem like much of a problem.... however the budget, in no way, would accommodate replacing the existing window treatments.

Design challenge: update the space while coordinating with 13-year-old draperies.

Challenge accepted.

It is evident from this before picture, that these window treatments are HUGE. Like 25 feet long and all the way across the giant walls. So, we couldn't just ignore them and pretend they weren't there.  In fact, they play a key role in the design of this entire space.
Clubhouse Before
The fabric had a particular shade of red that proved more difficult to match than expected; it wasn't a true red, not an orange-red, not a burgundy either.  My assistant and I dug through hundreds of fabric books looking for just the right fabrics to coordinate. Many of the potential fabrics we found would turn out to be discontinued with no stock.

While keeping the main furniture neutral with caramel colored fabrics and leathers, the red accents came through in the throw pillows and rugs.
Detail of Clubhouse - After
When it came to the rugs, I got lucky.  Laying around BDI's office, I found a rug that has a gorgeous shade of red that was.... perfect! Check out this fresh new look to this grand, traditional room!

Clubhouse - After
 - Erika and Erin

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