Thursday, September 5, 2013

Professional Photography :)

Art is such a difficult think to sell to a client, it is usually quite personal and not always easy to pick just the right pieces that will tug on someone's heart strings.  

While working on a clubhouse in Dallas, the client and myself decided to go with an "Old Chicago Train Station" style.  The furniture was easy to find, the rug too. But when it came to the artwork, we struggled a bit more.  Sitting next to my assistant, Erin, looking through options, I said, "I really just want some cool photos of an old train."

Her eyes lit up!  "Umm.... what about these?" she asked while clicking through some files on her computer.  Up popped several photos of a trip where she had taken some great photos of some old trains. BAM!

The client loved them, printed them on metal, and they are now hanging proud in the clubhouse!

Check out Erin's works of art!

Erin and her photo fresh out of the box!
Erin signing her art, of course :)

Erin's train above the fireplace!

Her second photo is in the office waiting area prominently displayed! (more photos to come!)

Want to see more of Erin's photography?! Check it out at her awesome website

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