Monday, September 9, 2013

Super Cute Kid's Playhouse :)

Recently, I got to do project by pretty much by myself. A great client of ours had purchased a playhouse to put in her back yard for her grandchildren. She wanted a little help to make it fun and inviting for the little ones.

Outside of the Playhouse
Now the outside was already so stinking cute. We just needed to make sure the inside was just as adorable. Now the ladder and loft bed were raw wood, so to add some fun pops color we recommended they be painted red and blue. We also added a few window valances (done with outdoor safe fabrics) to soften up the hard edges and bring the colors together. Outdoor products are great for kids because they are more durable and more stain resistant.

Inside the Playhouse
On the loft we added a few outdoor pillow, and we did an great outdoor rug on the floor. Then we topped it off with a few lanterns so the kiddos could have some light.
Inside the Playhouse
The playhouse came out so adorable and is a great place for the kids to play when visiting.

 - Happy Designing, Erin

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  1. Great job Erin! We need one of these in our backyard!