Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Montana Wedding Weekend: Part 1

So.... Labor Day weekend 2013 makes for wedding #5 for Evan and I!  This one, a destination wedding to Montana; I've never been to Montana and was completely swept up with work to really prepare for what the weekend was going to bring.  The scenery in and around Whitefish, Montana was absolutely breathtaking and took me by surprise!  I took so many pictures that I really want to share - so I broke this post up into 4 sections.... I am not planning on much text, just beautiful scenery!
Evan thoroughly enjoyed our small propeller flight from Seattle to Whitefish with Bob Ross's face painted on the side :)

Made it into Whitefish.... tired but completely loving the mountains. Our cab driver from the airport to the hotel was so awesome; she explained so much about the area and what we should do in town.  Drink lots of water to prevent congestion from the smoke that settles from nearby wild fires.  Stay away from bears (that became a constant reminder throughout the entire trip). 

Because it was one of our friends from our hometown getting married, several of our high school friends also descended onto Whitefish.  Here's two old friends waking Evan up :)

The day of the wedding, Evan and I wandered the town of whitefish hanging out in local eateries and exploring the little boutiques.  I loved the wood-sculpted grumpy cat!

 Evan and I enjoying a rooftop lunch of grilled corn Elote (google it... it's amazing!) and the local cocktail of choice, Moscow Mule's (also A-mazing!).  Moscow Mule's are vodka, ginger beer, and lime served in a copper cup because when the drink was created, a local copper miner wanted part of the crazy :)

Awesome interior Kasey's where we had lunch.....

It is difficult to see, but he glacier water trickles down from the mountains into the local rivers and has the blueish/green tint similar to what we saw when we were in the Canadian Rockies :)

More fantastic photos to come!!!! :)


  1. Grumpy cat!!! Can't wait for the next posts!

  2. I hope you bought that grumpy cat for your new home! Then you would think of this beautiful place everytime you looked at it!