Sunday, September 15, 2013

Montana Wedding Weekend: Part 3

Because the wedding was over Labor Day Weekend, Evan and I decided to stay an extra day and explore Glacier National Park with his parents.  It's not everyday you are in Montana and the mountains were calling....
Trees are tall....I get that.  But the trees in Montana are monstrous!

We moved out of our hotel in Whitefish and headed into to Park to stay at one of the five lodges, Lake MacDonald Lodge.  On our way into the park, we stopped at the visitor center to get some advice on the best way to tackle one day in the park.  The park has 700 miles of trails.... we wanted to find the best ones for the day :)  Along with our maps and "Points of Interest"  paper, we also received an entire pamphlet on how to avoid bears and what you should do if you encounter one.....

Who has a view like this from their circular drive?

Inside the lodge's lobby.

Porch seating....

Giant fire that is always going! Our day in the park was actually quite warm, 80 degrees + in some areas.  Overall, we hiked 10 miles and drove through some of the most scenic land I've ever scene. 

Our first stop was a small waterfall and a hike to a bridge over one of the many rivers created by melting glacier waters.  The most amazing thing about this park is that no two view is even remotely the same.  There was never a moment where I felt, 'oh, I just saw that an hour ago....'

Evan and his dad walking down the path :)

You could climb right down the rocks to the river while the trees swallowed you up on either side. 

Evan's parents under the bridge :)

The rocks weren't flat - they were grooved and difficult to walk on. 

This might be my favorite picture of Evan and I to date :)

Oh yeah... and there's mountains everywhere..... to think that two hours into our day, we were already seeing this!

Yes.... even more to come!! Evan, his mom, and myself combined probably took 1000 photos.... We couldn't stop; every scene was even more beautiful than the last!

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  1. I really love that picture of you and Evan! I agree it is one of the best. Beautiful pics. Looks like everyone was having a great time.