Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Don't drink the water!!!!

There's definitely something in the water.... if you're looking for a major life event, start drinking the water in Texas!  We recently celebrated a wonderful couple expecting their first baby.  If you want to know more about this awesome couple, check out their blog, The Dan Wam Fam!

Danielle and Dan are expecting their first child sometime in December and my sister wanted to host a cute little shower to get the baby mania going!  My sister, Adrienne, is a party planner extraordinaire!  Super detailed and even more organized, I just show up at her house and do what she tells me.  And Voila.... beautiful party!
Variety of delicious food including fruit cups, chicken salad sandwiches (I had three), and the best pasta salad I think I've ever had! (Adrienne, please blog the recipe!!)

My sister's a genius! Spray painting ball jars gold for vases.... beautiful!

These Macaroons from Ganache were amazing!!! Now I'm crazing meringue cookies.....

Danielle and her sorority sisters :) I love how corny this photo is!

Sisters-in-law unite!  So, Katie and Ari are not technically related... not by blood anyway. But everyone kept commenting on how much they look alike.  Apparently so much so, that when I posted some of these photos on Facebook, the computer kept trying to tell me that they were the same person!

Kelly and Joan

Danielle was so funny, she brought her sonogram photos to prove to everyone that she is actually pregnant! :)

Oscar's new friend!

Katie and Joan.... adorable photo!

Here are lots of present opening photos!  Danielle was so kind to go through and really appreciate all of the amazing things people gave her.... diapers, blankets, onesies, and some really personalized gifts that make every ooh and awe :)

So, while everyone around me is jumping on the baby-making bandwagon... I'm still holding out.  Here's my box of diapers to D where I Sharpied mustaches on all of the babies' faces....

Party time!  

Danielle's grandmother makes the most extraordinary quilts.... 

Katie W. made an awesome gift for the nursery, a large frame with photos of Dan when he was a little tyke and an open space in the middle for a picture of the new Dan :)  I'm pretty sure everyone had a few tears in their eyes!

I'll leave you with the LSU gear!

Can't wait to meet little Dan!!! :)  You both are going to make amazing, loving, and spirited parents!


  1. That was the best sober party I've ever been to! I did not eat enough food though. Big regret for not coming with an empty stomach. HUGE mistake. I tried a little bit of everything but I think I should have gone back to her house for dinner to have more lol

  2. Looks like a wonderful party ladies! Love the teal and gold theme. But where are pictures of the home made blocks?