Friday, September 13, 2013

Montana Wedding Weekend: Part 2

Saturday made for wedding day in Whitefish, Montana.  Evan's parents arrived just in time for us to unpack, get ready and head to the Bar W Ranch. The setting was beyond picturesque with giant green trees all around, mountains in the distance, and even a beautiful lake the sun set upon.  Click here to check out the Bar W Ranch for yourself!
Evan's parents, and Evan and I :)

The backdrop to the ceremony was the sun setting down on the lake. It was about 80 degrees and we were sitting directly in the sun... both Evan and I got sun burns on our noses. But by 9pm, the temperature dropped to about 55-60 degrees...... the heater in the tent turned out to be the social area of the party. I met so many people next to that heater - old friends and new acquaintances!

The reception was not only meaningful but super fun!  I don't have any photos or videos.... but the bride and groom had a 5-minute choreographed dance that included a slow waltz complete with a lift move, a hip hop section, a tango, and ended with the groom sliding on his belly under the brides legs!! It may have been my #1 moment of all of the weddings we've been so thus far!

This may be one of my favorite pictures..... three old friends from high school..... same antics that they had 10 years ago!

Many more photos to come - the next ones are of our day spent in Glacier National Park.  Beautiful! :)


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  2. Beautiful pics sweetie. None of the bride and groom?