Monday, September 23, 2013

Kids Play :)

One fun challenge every Interior Designer will face in their career is doing a kids room! Kids can be just if not more challenging than adults. Adults at least have a filter...Kids not so much, if you give them something they don't like you will know it.
When doing a child's room it is important to remember that like adults, kids are unique individuals. What might work for one child's room will not always work for another. It is important to keep in mind a child's likes and dislikes when putting together their room.
Another good thing to remember is that kids grow up. Just like trends kids change and what they want changes. It is important to keep in mind when designing to make a room that a child can grow and develop in. A few changes like new posters or bedspread can make a 4 year old's room feel like a 14 year old's room. 

Hope these few little tips help next time you find yourself faced with designing the perfect kids room.

 - Happy Designing,


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