Sunday, July 1, 2012

Exploration: Calgary

In early June, Evan had to travel Calgary, Alberta Canada to participate in a Petroleum conference. "Why not make a long weekend out of it with Erika? Ehh?" his boss asked him back in February. 

I'm not really sure he said "eh" but knowing how often he says "eh".....
 it wouldn't surprise me!

If you know me, you know I love to travel. I'm pretty sure my response went something like this.... 
"What?!? Hell ya!"
So I packed my bags and met Evan in Calgary on a stormy Wednesday evening.
On Thursday, Evan had to work at the conference all day. So, I put on my walking ballerina flats and headed out to see downtown Calgary. 

Downtown Calgary from Stephen Ave.
After finding Stephen Ave. - the hip part of down town - lunch quickly became my first priority. I spotted a small food truck with a long line.... always a great sign! I hopped in line and proceeded to order the messiest thing I could find on the menu....

Poutine!  It looks like worms crawling over soggy french fries but contrary to what you're thinking.... it was so delicious! Homemade french fries covered in gravy with melted cheese over the top.  I literally felt my heart punch me in the chest a few times after consuming this!  Not your everyday lunch!

After a full belly, off to explore!

Calgary Tower. it used to be the tallest structure in Calgary but has since been out built by a new beautiful office building.

The Glenbow Museum was a nice way to spend a few hours; the museum has an eclectic collection of artwork, native Canadian artifacts, gems and geodes, and interestingly enough, an exhibit on West Africa.

The Charles Russell gallery was by far my favorite- read about this artist here!
Charles Russell's paintings depicted the Wild West and his images leave you at the most pivotal moment of a story where you're dying to know what happens next!
"Herd Quit" by Charles Russell.
 I don't think it's possible to fully experience a country's culture without doing some local shopping!  I discovered a few malls, some fun shops, and an overly apparent sense of Canadian pride.
Brendan, Voytek, Evan, Matt
Finally, it was time to head back to the conference and celebrate the end of very successful show for Evan and his colleagues. Here are a few them celebrating!

Stay tuned to see more of my Canadian Adventure!  Part 2 - Banff-tastic!

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