Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spice Up Your Kitchen

Bored with your kitchen, but don’t want to completely redo everything? Well you don’t have to!

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An easy and simple way to spice up a boring kitchen is to get new accessories. A few cute, colorful canisters or some decorative plates is a great way to add some fun to the room.
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Just pick out items that you like and that coordinates well with what you already have. If you are looking for things to go on you kitchen counters, make sure that they are not only great looking, but are functional for you and your family as well. This will ensure that the item isn’t just taking up space, and that you didn’t waste your money on something that you will end up putting in a cabinet.

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Decorative plates for your wall are also a great way to add some pizzazz to your space. This will look especially good if you have a long area of back splash in your kitchen that doesn’t have anything in front of it. There are even plate hangers now that stick to the wall and the plate, kind of like the Command Strips, that way you just see the plate and not the hanger.

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