Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Passino Annual Crawfish Boil 2012

For over 20 years, Evan's Houston family, the Passinos have had a summer crawfish boil. While the party has moved around from place to place, there are always the same 3 ingredients...

1. Hot, spicy, and scrumptious crawfish,
2. Wonderful people to hang out with,
3. Hot weather and plenty of cold beer!
Vincent holding one of the crawfish;
we were lucky to have such large crawfish for this
late in the summer season!
This year, I invited my good friends, Susan and Vincent to the bash. It was Vincent's first boil, the crawfish were huge, and we were all hungry!

Susan and Vincent messing around with the crawfish.

Evan has been coming to this boil for over 5 years now and has been promoted to head Passino Crawfish Boil Chef! A title he does not take lightly; he slaves over the hot pots for hours making some of the best crawfish I've ever had!

First you boil the veggies in water and boil seasoning for about 30 minutes. 

Remove the veggies and add the crawfish to the boil.
After 5 minutes, turn the heat off and let sit for about 20 minutes.

The crawfish and veggies get mixed together with some added seasoning.

This isn't the Passino's first rodeo;
they have a specially constructed table with a
convenient hole in the middle for trash. Don't worry,
someone thought to cover the hole before the food was dumped on the table!

The fresh and steaming hot food is dumped on the table and it's chow time!

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  1. where are the pictures from the "party" later that night???