Friday, July 20, 2012

Trapped between a floor and a king-sized bed!

Of course our job as interior designers is to make a space functional; it is what every professor and mentor preach and it’s what every client wants.  

Function first, then layer in the aesthetics. 

But, we all know that when we are looking through design magazines, we’re attracted to what is beautiful, elegant, different and "edgy."  

We ‘oooh’ and ‘aahhh’ at those picturesque spaces because they are just that…picturesque.

Now you’d think that the job behind creating all of these amazing spaces is glamorous and trendy.  Our edgy design style is reflected in everything - our spaces, our clothing, our lifestyle and the way we work. 

However, designers go through a lot of blood, sweat, and well, anything else we can muster to create the perfect space for our clients.


Take for instance, placing a rug under a heavy king-sized bed. 
No easy task for even the strongest of muscle men, yet there I found myself squeezing under a solid wood bed frame and shimmying between the support stands to pull the rug using my minuscule triceps while my installer lifted one side of the bed frame as high as he could for as long as he could (which amounted to about 10 second spurts).
That's me! Trapped under the bed!

Really tight squeeze!
What makes things even more complicated? 
I couldn't move once the bed is set down on top of me. 
So, then I’m trapped under the bed until the next lift- where I simultaneously shimmied, pulled, 
and positioned the rug for the quick 10 seconds.

Pulling a design together is not always as glamorous as they make it look on TV, 
but we sure have fun doing it and the end result is always worth the hard work; 
even when it requires crawling in tight spaces 

Oh, the things we do to make a space beautiful!
The finished product !!!

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  1. Only you could have fit under the bed during the non-lift moments. I know I would have been smothered. Great job! Love, Dad