Friday, July 13, 2012

Why we love bunching cocktail tables

Okay, so there is a growing trend… well maybe not growing. It’s here! I for one certainly hope it sticks around for a long while. The bunching cocktail table! This concept is so great for so many reasons.

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Bunching cocktail tables provide versatility. If you have three or four little, and lightweight tables verses one big, heavy table you can move them around in different arrangements to fit your needs. I’m no he-man so where ever we put one large cocktail table it would be stuck there.
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Bunching tables are great for kids who what to color or do homework. They can have their own little table to work on. Or if it’s family game night you can just put the tables altogether and make one big table for everyone to gather around.

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And for a more eclectic look you can just mix a few different, coordinating tables. This will add more interest to your space, and still give you the flexibility and versatility of the bunching tables.

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Also, honestly they are super cute! I mean why would you not want these. 

 - Erin

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