Friday, July 27, 2012

Face Lift Anyone?

It’s a common problem out there, you’ve lived in a space so long, with all the same furniture in the same arrangement, with the same accessories in the same spot, with the same pictures in the same frames, and now you’re bored. Well yeah you’re bored! Who wouldn’t be bored?

What can you do? You can give your space a face lift!

Now I’m not saying you have to spend a ton of money to make a space feel new and fresh, quite the opposite actually. Take this room for example:

Before it was a little cluttered and closed off, but after an hour of reworking the space, you can see how open, light and fresh it feels.

Basically we took sofa and faced it the opposite direction that way when you come in the room you see a nice inviting area to sit, and not the back of a couch, and then we arranged the rest of the furniture around it.

We added a few new custom pillows to the couch and chairs to add some color and fun to the space.

Also, we added a few table top accessories to the coffee table and side tables to add visual interest to the space.

Besides that we just shuffled around a few of the clients paintings and viola! A whole new and fresh looking space! It’s like the room had a face lift!

 - Erin

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