Friday, June 29, 2012

Erin, Erin, Bo-Berin.....

Fe, Fi, Fo-Ferin....


Hey everyone!
My name is Erin Rose (yup, that's my first and last name), and I am Erika’s new assistant. By new I mean I graduated from college in May. So this is my first big kid job. :)
Me and Abe at the wax museum in Vegas

A little bit about me. I hate writing about myself, it’s just kind of awkward. But anyways, I grew up in the Houston area (Go Astro’s)! I was a band geek in high school, mainly because it was that or drill team, and I am not the most graceful. I played the flute, and was drum major.
Me :)

I ended up going to Stephen F. Austin State University for college. And our mascot was a Lumberjack, just thought I would mention that. (P.S. my high school mascot was a gander, which is a male goose, so I have some of the most random school t-shirts.) I majored in Music Ed for a while, but then I realized that kids kind of scare me, so what was I thinking teaching 60 of them at one time! What if I lost one or something! So I switched to Interior Design. Random I know, but I love it. I have a ton of fun doing it too.
Me in the fake jail at Kemah

What else...I'm kind of nerdy, super clumsy and my hair has been every color under the sun.


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