Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Christmas

I know it sounds crazy, but designers are already thinking about Christmas!  I stopped by my favorite floral place and they have begun their Holiday tree installations and they are shaping up to be amazing!!  You can check out For All Occasions here!

When you walk through the door, you're met with these life-size nutcrackers!  Beautifully carved, 6-foot tall guys :)

Getting in the spirit early, FAO has designed an Autumn tree. It is beautifully warm and inviting with its rich reds, golds, and brown colors. 

But my favorite so far, is the angel tree! She is amazing!

If you're interested in any Christmas or holiday decorations, give me a shout! They are incredibly beautiful and talented designers at For All Occasions :)

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  1. Here's hoping we live in the same city again someday so you can decorate my tress like one of these!