Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sneak Peak: Stunning Master Bathroom

If you've known me during my design career, you probably have had at least one heated discussion with me about tile/stone.  Throughout my time as a designer, I have become obsessed (maybe to an unhealthy degree) with these amazing products..... 

There is so much you can do with tile far FAR beyond a standard 12x12 in a grid pattern.  Mixing and matching, creating beautiful patterns, inlays, accents. Tile can completely transform an otherwise boring space into the stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, spa-like retreat it deserves to be!

So, when I walked into one master bathroom I have designed that finally has its tile installed, my heart skipped a beat! The bathroom is 90% complete and takes your breath away!
Above the tub, I created a little tile frame using a mix of travertine field tile, Light Emperador liners, and a beautiful crackled glass and stone mosaic. The Light Emperador tub deck is not only stunning and rich, but coordinates with the liners in the frame. 

The crackled glass tile is so beautiful that I used it in several areas including creating this tile pattern within the floor in front of the shower.

The furniture-like vanities add to the richness of this space. The deep stain color adds beautiful contrast to the light colored travertine and Light Emperador counter tops.  In order to not overwhelm the bathroom with too much glass mosaic, I only did two rows as the back splash lined with the same chair rail liner as the tub tile frame. 

Here was my "angels signing heavenly notes" moment... The shower focal wall will be seen through the glass shower door (not yet installed) and is also visible at almost every angle in the bathroom. The tile frame coordinates with the frame above the tub while not being exactly the same.   I used the glass mosaic to help create the frame this time and used a travertine set in a herringbone pattern inside the frame. 

"Her" vanity, reflective of his vanity but a little larger and with a cute spot perfect for getting ready in the mornings.  The amazing natural light makes these materials look even more rich and beautiful. 

While I can pick materials and draw out exactly where they should go, I most certainly can not lay the tile, build and finish cabinetry, install lighting, or even paint well.  So, a huge thank you to Monte with Flair Homes (check them out here!) and Ronnie with Buffaloe Flooring (check them out here!). Without them.... such a space wouldn't exist.

So looking forward to placing some final touches and taking some beautiful photographs!

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  1. That is one AMAZING master bath. Can't wait to see what'll design for our next home.