Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beautiful progress on a beautiful project!

A house under construction is such a long and tedious process. Just when you feel that it is never going to end, the pretty stuff starts getting installed.  The tile, counter tops, lighting, and plumbing fixtures all start coming together in such amazing sparkling fashion.  Obviously, you can tell it is my favorite part!

I love watching my tile designs start coming to life.  I recently visited a project that is near completion and was delighted to find much of the tile installed.   So much so.... that I had to share!
Entry tile rug - a combination of honed and filled travertine with Chocolate Onyx 1x1 mosaic as the frame and inserts!

One of the best granites.....ever!  Cosmos with a glass vessel sink shimmering on top!

Kitchen back splash - starting to come together!  Just need a few inserts and voila!

No need to worry - many more photos to come! :)

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