Friday, August 30, 2013

Little Brother isn't so little anymore!

One of the most difficult things about living in Texas is being so far away from family and old friends.  I'm pretty sure I say that every time I create a post about family....  Being in Texas for almost 4 years now doesn't make it any easier.

So, it was high-time that my little brother take a visit down to Texas to spend some time with myself and my sister. He stayed with us for 10 whole days! Several of those I put him to some good work.  But, here are some of the more fun highlights....
My sister's dog acts like he gets no lovin'..... he adopted Travis immediately and snuggled whenever he possibly could.

Evan, myself, and Travis at the epic Diaper Party for our big sister :)

Getting Orange Leaf (family tradition) with nephew Boo. It's really uncanny how similar their silly faces look to each other......

Saying 'goodbye' to niece, Lil 'A.  Every time Travis and I would head to my sister's house, our niece and nephew would get SO excited! Lil 'A would grab my hand and yell "HIDE!" I would grab A and Travis would grab Boo and an epic game of Hide and Seek would begin.  

At first, our hiding spots were pretty rudimentary, but by the end, we would get pretty creative..... Squished behind the sofa cushions, buried under a pile of clothes, inside a cabinet, Travis even managed to get inside A's crib!

Super fun to have Trav in town! :)  Can't wait until his next visit.... Christmas, maybe? :)


  1. Can he just move down here please?!?!?! How about I trade the dog for Trav!!! seriously =)

  2. He looks either super tired or stoned in the picture with Audrey. And I loved how Lil A would flirt with him even while he was sleeping. It was all very fun!