Monday, August 26, 2013

And then God said, "Let there be baby #3"...

My sister is, (drum roll please).... expecting baby #3!  Her and her husband already have two little munchkins, I'm sure you'd seen their cameos throughout, and have decided to have #3 be a surprise. 

Already having all of the necessities for a boy and a girl, I decided to have just a general party to celebrate and gather some much needed diapers.  What better place to have a party... than the local pub!   Friends and family headed to Kilburn's with a box of diapers to eat, drink, and cause a minor raucous on a Saturday afternoon. 
Behind the desserts table, we let the boxes of diapers pile up :) Adrienne estimates they got nearly half the diapers they're going to need for the new little one!

If you haven't heard of Nothing Bundt Cakes, I suggest you head here to their website, find the closest one to you, and get yourself one of their amazing treats!

Sister-in-Law Kelly also made some delicious goodies, an adorable cookie cake and peanut butter chocolate balls that were to die for! Thank you so much!

Other Wamhoff women helped out as well! Greg's mom Joan and sister Katie picked up the balloons and helped me decorate the tables. 

Sister-in-Law Danielle and my mom gathered some awesome materials to do some personalized onesie decorating!  I didn't think many people would get involved in the onesies - but people took it really seriously! There are some amazing creations... click here to check out my sister's blog with more pictures.... 

My little brother and me :)

Wamhoffs everywhere!

My adorable sister and her equally adorable friend, Stephanie. 

Yes! Fist pump for diapers!

Travis getting his onesie on!

Preggers were everywhere too.  Here's my friend Susan and Danielle, both expecting in December.... both upset about the drinks they can't have :)

The Wamhoff Development men tended to all congregate together..... I told them they always need to make sure to stand in height order.

Greg and his mama

Kelly and Mike :) 

Adrienne and Amy :)

Of course the afternoon wouldn't have been complete without a round of shots.  I don't think any guy escaped an Irish Car Bomb....

I can't really come up with a caption that would suit this photo!

Best photo bomb of the day! Greg didn't even notice his buddy Rico in the picture!

My sister and me :)

There were a couple little bundt cakes leftover... .little A had the pleasure of enjoying a red velvet!

Thank you to everyone who came out for such a fun time and huge thank you to everyone that helped out!! Can't wait to meet the next adorable addition to my sister's family in just a couple of short months!


  1. Bahaha this was amazing!!! "fist pump for diapers!!"

  2. Great job on the pictures honey. They show how beautiful everything was and how much fun we all had.