Sunday, June 2, 2013

Traditional Texas Charm

One of my favorite and long-term client's projects is finally wrapping up. This homeowner is one of the most honest people I've ever met and when he says something to you, you should listen. He's very forthcoming and isn't afraid to tell you what you're doing wrong - not to embarrass you or belittle you - but to help you do better and get it right. 

It actually took me a few months to learn how to work with him. See, some clients don't know how to vocalize what they want, but they can show you pictures.  This man didn't have pictures, but he would very simply state, in as few words as possible, what he wanted.  I was profoundly confused at first over-thinking this man's style.  I would ask him a zillion questions, show him pictures, compare and contrast different styles with what he already had.  

But his answers wouldn't afford any additional insight than what he had originally told me he wanted and we would both end up a bit bewildered.  I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but finally the light bulb lit up and I figured out how to listen to him.  Because he wouldn't say much, everything he would say and how he said it was extremely important.  

In a statement as simple as "coordinate with my rug and don't make it girly" I could design an entire room that he loved.

  When I would show him something and he would say 'no'..... it meant no and I would never show him that item again.  But if he said 'yes'... I would take that piece and run like hell with it!  

This project has been very rewarding in the fact that I was given an immense amount of creative freedom... but of course that came with learning how to decipher verbal code that CIA would have problems with!

Anyway - enjoy these images and come back in a couple days to see the spaces with furniture :)
After eight long months, the first floor renovation is about complete. Here is the new living room sans several pieces of furniture and art. 

Another shot of the living room; this client wanted a space free of electronics, a comfortable and cozy space to sit and enjoy a glass of wine with friends and family. 
Soon to be dining room. I wish I had taken a closeup picture of the rug without furniture because it is quite beautiful!

Check back in soon for more pictures!

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