Friday, May 31, 2013

Granite shopping galore!

The design profession is quite cyclical; at one point in time I will be working on bedrooms, tons of bedrooms.  Then it will change to something like remodels and I'll have several clients looking to revamp their kitchens and baths.

Recently, I have been working on more new construction projects than any other.  And they all seem to be moving at the same pace which is both wonderful and exhausting.  Great because I can meet reps at one place and knock out selections for several clients in a matter of hours.

So, here are some highlights for granite and marble selections I did for three clients... all in one day!

Beautiful slab that stopped me dead in my tracks! It is an amazing combination of creams, blacks, caramels, and a beautiful deep copper color.

Here's a closeup of the slab with my backsplash selections.  "Taupe" will find itself in a beautiful kitchen :)

"Cedar Brown"
Cedar Brown is actually a marble, which is a softer, more porous stone but has a beauty that is so difficult to find in any other product.  It's smooth and milky looking; it's beautiful in it's simplicity. Perfect for a master bathroom which is what this lucky slab will be used for. 

If anyone doubted the existence of God, I would direct them to "Cosmos." This stone is breathtaking and has been one of my favorites since I ever set eyes on it.  It is am amazing foray of blacks, caramels, silver mica flecs, and deep red garnets splashed throughout. "Cosmos" makes a statement all by itself, it doesn't need a wing-man!

"Butterfly Beige"
Butterfly beige is a very economical slab (especially compared to the Cosmos) but it's grays, beiges, and red garnets make it a great choice for secondary spaces. It is quite neutral and goes with a number of different colors and tile combinations. 

"Ivory Travertine"
Yes- you can purchase slabs of travertine for countertops. It's very similar in composition to marble so it has the same smooth rippling.  Another fabulous choice for a bathroom. 

"Aspen White"
An exciting find at the end of my long day... aspen white is much prettier in person than this picture depicts. It has just a hint of gray/light blue swirling around a combination of creams and blacks. 

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  1. OMGosh - I love all these. I can't wait until Dad & I are ready to build a new house or re-do one new to us so you can decorate it for us! There are just so many choices.