Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to buy a Couch: Part 2

Okay so from last week we know that quality matters in buying a couch (or any type of furniture). So what else do we need to know about buying a sofa?


"Sofas comes in a few different sizes and different depths. Different sofa sizes will affect comfort.  I'd really suggest hopping into a store one day and test out a few different sofa styles and sizes for this reason. 
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Also, take measurements of your space and determine the best size - take newspaper and layout one of these sofa sizes and see how it would feel, how much space you have around it, etc.  It is really easy for people to purchase items that are too large because they look really small in a showroom that has really tall ceilings and expertly designed walking paths


Are you going to be eating/drinking on your sofa?  Are you going to vacuum it regularly?" - Erika Barcak

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Now keep reading because next time we have the final pieces to the puzzle.

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 - Erin

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