Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fake or Real...I can't tell :)

I love floral arrangements! Especially real ones. Love, Love, Love! However, I'm allergic to most flowers, grasses, and trees. Yay :/

Anyways,  we have a great floral design vendor, For All Occasions, we love to use on projects. They make some of the best fauxand real florals you've ever seen. I mean you really can't tell the difference until you touch them... and even then it's questionable.

Recently, we worked with a client who has an extensive collection of crystal vases, candlesticks, champagne flutes, etc.  To highlight some pieces, Erika arranged several of the client's most beautiful pieces on the dining table and had several custom floral arrangements, ranging from big to small (and so cute) to go in the collection. Check out these great additions to the project.
Dining Table Center Piece
Dining Table Console
Dining Table Accent

Entry floral and painting
The arrangements are made just like wedding bouquets, the stems are wrapped in leaves.  So the arrangements are not permanently living in the vases, they can be moved around from vase to vase and the entire scheme can be changed out seasonally!

 - Erin

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