Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Traditional Texas Charm - Part 2

I can't wait to compare before and after photos of this space; the transformation was tremendous and turned an feminine antique filled space into a rich, elegant and manly home. 
I wish I could say the fish tank is the highlight of the space, but there are so many amazing focal points to this home.  Pre-remodel, the fish tank was a fireplace that was never used. Now, it houses a beautiful collection of salt water fish, coral, amoeba, etc. 

Every time I stop by the house, I spend a few minutes mesmerized by the shrimp, starfish and especially the Dori fish :)

It's starting to come together; this custom Harden sofa is one of the most comfortable sofa's I have ever sat it!

The stone archway leads into the media room and a companion archway to the right of it leads into the cave-like wine grotto.

Wine tasting room - that's what this room is going to become!

Looks quite different with furniture.... the backs of the dining chairs are upholstered in patterned fabric while the seats and fronts are upholstered in a highly durable, stain resistant fabric.  Wine spills - not a problem!

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  1. AMAZING! Do other words can describe....