Monday, June 17, 2013

Awesome Wood Console!

During some point of every project, I find something for a client that I would love to have in my own space.  Some of those items are no brainers, perfect pieces of furniture in my personal style.  Others, surprise me! Like this console.  Check out this one of a kind piece one of my clients ordered from Phillip's Collection! 

You got it - it is a giant hunk of wood :) But it is quite extraordinary!

This is one giant piece of Makha wood, a hard tropical wood. Here's what the Phillips Collection says about their beautiful piece...
"The Makha wood is a rare hardwood, highly prized for its outstanding finish. The wood is hard, heavy and dense and develops a beautiful patina as it ages. Makha is finely figured and typically reserved for use in fine musical instruments and luxury car interiors. The base of the Makha tree is especially valued due to the massive burls that grow in the root system"

Here's the amazing piece in it's new home!

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