Monday, June 24, 2013

Behind the Scenes - Photo shoot

Designers are often depicted as glamorous, high-heel wearing, antique-loving, iPad-wheeling people. 

Truth is, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that is a lot dirtier, trickier, and heavy-furniture moving difficult.  The ladies at By Design have a new mission - to bring you some of the off-the-wall things that go on in our crazy world.

Earlier this month, I had my cowgirl's home professionally photographed by my favorite photographer, Brad Carr. (Check out his website here!)

Photo shoots can be really tricky.  More often than not, a photographed space is not at all how the space is lived in. In addition to taking over someone's personal space for awhile, camera lenses often skew what you see and furniture/accessories have to be placed accordingly.

Anyway - here are some amazing behind-the-scenes shots.  Can't wait to show you the professional photos once they're finished!

Who was ready for her closeup? 
Jesse. Pets are great things to have in interior photos; Jesse was gracious enough to model in a couple of shots!

How do you get a great photo of a fabulous powder bathroom? 
Yup! Squattin' on the toilet!

Brad's computer is directly linked to his camera.  This way, we can see exactly what is going on with lighting, exposures, and get a general idea of how everything looks.

Have a lot of windows causing some unwanted shadows? 
Sometimes we have to cover certain windows to get rid of unwanted shadows or brightness. 

How comfy is your bathtub? 
Brad will do anything to get the perfect shot!

Even if it means standing on his car to get the perfect shot of the house!

Can't wait to show you the pictures!

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