Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Hang Curtains

There are all sorts of different types of window treatments out there. Some very good, and some very bad. But how do you avoid the bad ones. Well with a few tips and tricks you can get the best looking window treatments you have ever had.
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1) The higher you mount the curtains the taller your room will look.
High ceilings have been though to be a luxury. To make you ceilings look taller, you should mount your curtains as high as you can. This will draw the eye up. About 6"-12" under your crown molding is good, but remember if you think it is going to look funny don't do it. It's your house afterall.

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2) Don't go too short.
Premade panels only come in certain sizes, while custom can be whatever. When mounting premade panels be sure not to go to short. Yes the higher you mount the curtains the taller the room looks, but having curtains that stop a foot short of the floor, kind of defeats the purpose. If you are doing premade be sure to mount them so that they are about .5"-1" off the floor.

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3) Don't go overboard.
Curtains can soften and add warmth to a room, but remember like with all things not to go overboard. For instance, if you have a lot of patterns in your room already, think about doing a neutral curtain with a fun trim. Or if you have a lot of neutrals think about doing a fun print to spice up a room.

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