Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Your TV can do what?!

Ever been lying in bed, trying to watch TV, and you can’t get a good view without giving your self a neck cramp? This happens to me all the time. You want to lie down but the only way you can see the TV is by propping yourself up on a ton of pillows or twisting your neck or doing one of those half crunch things that you did in PE class.

Well there is a solution! It’s called hidden vision TV mounts. This device mounts your TV on the wall above your head board. It looks like a picture frame, and the wires and every thing are hidden, which is even better.

source - hvtvmounts.com
The side that shows is an actual picture. Instead of having a big black hole that a TV can look like over the fireplace or above your bed, it looks like you have a framed piece of art. And it fits any LCD or LED flatscreen TV.

But the most awesome thing is when you want to watch TV the mount extends out from the wall above the bed! This means that you can watch TV while lying in bed.

I don’t know about you but I think that this is definitely an awesome way to watch TV in bed.

 - Erin

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