Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting to the UP, eh?

Two years in a row = tradition, right?

For the second 4th of July in a row, Evan and I headed up to his family homestead near Ironwood, Michigan to spend time with family, relax, and enjoy lakes.

Earlier this year, Great Lakes Airline decided it would run two planes a day into a tiny airstrip in Ironwood. The extra $100/each was totally worth it; last year Evan and I flew into Minneapolis and had to rent a car and drive the 5 hours to Lake Gogebic.  Having nothing to do with setting the itinerary, I was so elated when I learned that we would have to stay the night in Minneapolis in order to catch our plane into Ironwood.  About a year ago, my good friend, Megan from Wayne State, moved Minneapolis and was able to pick us up, take us out, and let us stay overnight with her.  

Fate? Yup! We had a great few hours catching up with Megan, meeting her new boyfriend and learning about her new life in Minnesota!

8am the next morning, it was time to set off to Ironwood!

We made it!!

A local farmer in Ironwood paints all of his farm equipment a very distinct pink. Why? Because you can't successfully sneak off with a pink John Deere!

For dinner one evening, the entire family headed to a restaurant called Kontikas.  Their claim to fame.... "eat with the bears!"  They weren't kidding.  The restaurant puts piles of food out in the middle of a courtyard and what bear wouldn't want to dine on a PB&J?

This bear was enormous! The men were guessing 350 - 400 lbs.

Here's Evan and I enjoying a night on the town. We had just dined at the Liberty Bell Chalet - home of the best Cesar Salad...ever!  I mean it!  I had 4 bowls.....

Unknowingly, Evan and I were the only people on the flight out of Ironwood.  Consequently, we were the only two people to go through security.  Five security guards for two passenger!

Guess who was "randomly selected for a more thorough search?"  You guessed it... Evan had every item in his computer bag and carry-on searched, and was patted down by security guards.  What did I do? I giggled!

More highlights in a couple of days from our trip!

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