Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pleasure Pier, Galveston, TX

Back in May, my roommate Cortney and I headed to Galveston for a Saturday afternoon. We went for a nice lunch at one of my favorite restaurants called the Mosquito Cafe.

Cortney hadn't been to Galveston in a long time so we drove around until we found the seawall and wound running right into Galveston's "Pleasure Pier." (Click here to visit Pleasure Pier's website!)
I think we both saw the roller coaster dangling over the water from the end of the pier at the same time.  We didn't even have to discuss whether or not we were going to go.... I simply found a parking spot and we headed up to the pier.
We were both pretty excited! It might look cloudy and cool - but it was a hot and humid day.  Jeans were a terrible choice.  I haven't been to an amusement park in years - so we started on some of the smaller rides.

Anyone who has sat next to me on a ride knows that I giggle....well, I really laugh hysterically.  

The rides were a blast and refreshing in the hot weather. We rode all that we could that day, a few more rides have opened since we were there.

For anyone who watches the TV show "Archer" will appreciate this!

In conclusion, Pleasure Pier was fun! You should go :)


  1. Did you take the last picture of the flying swings? It is spectacular!

  2. No... we can thanks Pleasure Pier's professional photographers for that one :)