Sunday, August 19, 2012

Doon't ye know?

Here are some fun highlights from Lake Gogebic up in the U.P. 

Evan and I were there for our second 4th of July in a row and had so much fun hanging out in swimsuits all day, playing in the lake with the kiddos, napping, and eating the best camping food. 
Evan's niece, Ellise and I building sand castles. A neighbor near our cottage had put in a small beach which was the perfect size for the kids. 

Evan's mom, Jane, is all about adventures. An adventure can be as simple as making it to the grocery store.  Our "grown-up" adventure for the trip was canoeing through the UP. 
Dusty (Evan's dad) is in the back, Drew (Evan's Brother) is on the Left, Even is front and center, and I'm holding down the red. Despite the owner of the canoe rentals being really excited about the height and flow of the river, the water wasn't moving much. The boys did their best to annoy Dusty and I - splashing, sword fighting with their paddles, tipping each other, etc. 

Hanging out at the beach!

Evan's sister-in-law Emily and I :)

You can write your own caption to this one.... but here's mine:
"One of these things... is not like the other....."

More fun in the sun. 

Ellise was supposed to be taking a nap but began crying.  To entice her to close her eyes- Evan led by example :)

Nap time was a regular thing!  

In one day - the grown-ups had 4 adventures:
1. Canoeing
2. Dinner at the Liberty Bell Chalet
3. Grocery store
4. Fireworks on the lake (which were awesome!!)

Our goal next year is to beat the 4 adventure record....... :)

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