Saturday, July 20, 2013

Michigan Summers - Post 4

Last day of Upper Peninsula posts :) .... lots of pictures! It was just so pretty.
This was the first year that we drove down to the lower peninsula to see my family! Of course there were some great things to see along the way.

To get to the lower peninsula, we drove along Lake Superior for several hours before turning south to ride over the Mackinac Bridge.  Evan and his brothers had discovered this little tiny water fall when they were kids called, Scott Falls.  It was adorable and incredibly serene albeit being 30 feet from the road. 

Plant growth underneath Scott Falls

Lake Superior

After living in Michigan for 10 years, you'd think I would have made it to the Pictured Rocks.... nope.  With a little detour, we saw one of the most beautiful landscapes! I don't think words can really describe..... so enjoy!

The bridge! I haven't seen this sight in years.  It was strange the warm feeling it conjured up; so many great memories of crossing that bridge and enjoying a day on Mackinac Island, or heading to Marquette. It's like a whole other world lay on the other side of the bridge....

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