Sunday, July 14, 2013

Michigan Summers - Post 1

Evan and I took our annual trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan just a couple of weeks ago. Evan's grandparent built a couple cabins on a lake just about as far north as you can get without reaching Canada.  Every year, the family descends upon the cabins for some fun and relaxation out in the middle of nowhere. 

I don't think there are many stories to tell that won't be more fascinating than the pictures.... so I won't say much and let you enjoy the pictures :)
This is our flight into the UP.  Surprisingly, it was a full flight this year!

Sweet summertime! Lilies are some of my favorite flowers....

Across from the cabins is this giant rock wall, littered with graffiti over the years.  Apparently visitors and/or locals aren't too creative when it comes to spray paint and most of the "art" is simple names or initials. 

Turning my back from the rock wall, beyond the trees are the cabins and the beautiful lake.

When Evan and his siblings were kids, they used to climb this wall and thought is was such a treacherous task. Being older, Evan's brother wanted to give it another shot.....

No surprise... he made it :)

Perfect weather = smiles!

More to come....

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