Monday, July 22, 2013

I have the coolest friends.... EVER!

I am really lucky to have some amazing people as friends.  About 6 months ago.... I picked up a strange interest in dinosaurs. Maybe it has to do with my niece and nephew watching Dinosaur Train every morning.  I don't know what started it, but I love them!  Check out the awesome things my friend, Susan, got me for my birthday!
First of all, the package was wrapped with this on top.  Just watch this video and you'll understand why this is so funny!

Next up... dino surprise mug!

Dinosaur spaghetti spoon!

Dino tea strainer thing!

A-MAZING! Thank you Susan for the coolest gift a dino-crazed girl could ever ask for!


  1. How did I not know you were a dino-freak? Now I will be on the look out for interesting bobbles too!