Thursday, July 18, 2013

Michigan Summers - Post 3

Pastie day!  Evan and I finally got a few hours to ourselves and we had 2 missions: 
1. Find a pastie shop, get pasties, and enjoy the heck out of them!
2. Find some waterfalls and play.

Our first mission took us to a tiny nearby town to a Bakery.  We had to wait 15 minutes while our pasty warmed up, so we walked the town.

Pasty, not to be confused with pastie, are delicious meat pies the minor's used to eat for lunch. simple... but so good! They're hard to find anywhere south of Michigan and a super-filling, hearty lunch! Click here for more info :)

After our picnic lunch, it was time to find waterfalls. We headed to the Black River, hiked around and toured 5 different falls.  I would send you to some informational link -but the Black River is quite and has falls throughout it's entire path. 

To reach each falls, we had to hike through some woods.  There aren't many old growth forests like this near my little apartment!

I wish I could tell you which falls were which (Greater Conglomerate, Potowatami, Rainbow, Gorge, Sandstone), but I can't... so just enjoy the pictures!

Oh yes... even more pictures to come!

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  1. WAIT! There's no pictures of the infamous generator?